SW Plus 5500 Watt Inverters/Memory Restore

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For those of you that don't read technology manuals well (that'd be me), I was concerned about losing all the extensive programming that went into the initial installation of my four 5500 SW Plus off grid inverters after the system was shut down.

After the three year battery service, I didn't realize embedded in the inverters' menu stack there is a screen for restoring all the lost programming with one command after the system is brought back up. I believe there is a command to restore factory default settings too.

I couldn't figure out how they re-programmed the four inverters, charging parameters, generator standby/run/test settings and energizing fan exhaust system so quickly after the restart.

Xantrex' inverter technology and software is pretty impressive though complicated for these ol' wrangler eyes. Need to study up again.
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    Re: SW Plus 5500 Watt Inverters/Memory Restore

    The plus's have the non-volatile memory. You have to have saved the setting in the last menu to recover after D.C. in restored.

    If you have saved the setting I believe the unit comes up with this settings without manually having to restore them. I have two SW5548 plus's but have never removed D.C. from them. I have five battery packs with Anderson connectors on each pack. Each battery pack (250 A-H, wt. about 550 lbs each) is on caster roller cart so as long as I have one of the five packs connected I can do maintanance on the other battery packs.
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    Re: SW Plus 5500 Watt Inverters/Memory Restore

    Yes as long as you hit save after making the changes it will automatically come back up when you repower it
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