Busting Wind Turbine Ratings

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So you see an ad for the new, FGH Wind turbine, the size of a toy pinwheel, and it claims in ordinary * winds, will run your house, wash the cat, and bring in the newspaper for you, needing no maintenance ever. only $6,000, money back if you can find me.

Here's a site that calculates the energy in the air, where you plan to mount the turbine. You just supply it with a couple of items, like the size of the blades, and the wind speed.

http://www.green-trust.org/windpowercalc/ English or Metric
Busting Wind Turbine Ratings

There’s a lot of mis-information on the net surrounding the output of a wind turbine. A great many scam artists are over rating their turbines to make it sound like you can get a lot more power than you really will. Even commercial manufacturers tend to over rate their turbines, by using wind speeds that are not commonly seen at John Q. Public’s homestead. We have put together an online calculator that will help you sift the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Plug in your numbers and see what you can expect from a given wind turbine at your location.
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    Re: Busting Wind Turbine Ratings

    All it needs is to incorporate a decent "average wind speed by lat/long".
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