Grid-Tie Solar System Overview

I'm a little confused about solar systems. I don't quite get all the stuff you need.

From start to finish are these all the stuff you need?

a) Solar Panels
b) Grid-Tie Inverter
c) Mounting Hardware
d) Wires

I am also unsure about the mounting hardware as well as the wires. What type of these do I need? Does the type of roof make a difference to what mounting system is used?

Basically I don't understand the details about mounting the solar panels as well as connecting them to your house.


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    Re: Grid-Tie Solar System Overview
    Frank123 wrote: »
    Basically I don't understand the details about mounting the solar panels as well as connecting them to your house.

    That's what solar contractors are for.

    Also, Roderick has a DIY video of his install
    Roderick wrote: »
    I took some home movies while installing our photovoltaic array. There's no new information for the folks on this forum, but it might be some entertainment value, if you're trying to kill some hours on some dreary winter's night. Or, if you have a friend considering an installation, this is a good intro to what was involved in my case.

    Nonprofit, copying permitted, etc.
    Powerfab top of pole PV mount | Listeroid 6/1 w/st5 gen head | XW6048 inverter/chgr | Iota 48V/15A charger | Morningstar 60A MPPT | 48V, 800A NiFe Battery (in series)| 15, Evergreen 205w "12V" PV array on pole | Midnight ePanel | Grundfos 10 SO5-9 with 3 wire Franklin Electric motor (1/2hp 240V 1ph ) on a timer for 3 hr noontime run - Runs off PV ||
    || Midnight Classic 200 | 10, Evergreen 200w in a 160VOC array ||
    || VEC1093 12V Charger | Maha C401 aa/aaa Charger | SureSine | Sunsaver MPPT 15A

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    Re: Grid-Tie Solar System Overview

    i want to be DIYer (not knowing anything from scratch, including theories on electricity) and im in the initial stage of learning also. lately ive come across the topic of fuses/breakers (see my 1st thread).

    theres also something called a shunt you need to look into on the battery size (im sure ill have questions later on this). fromw hat i gather, unless you have a very small HF system, you really need to look into wire sizes and fuses - know it REALLY well, before you proceed.

    if you are starting out, get a HF kit and a small battery and a small inverter - thats all you need to play and experiment.

    note: this is for off grid. i dont think you are anywhere ready for grid tied.
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    Re: Grid-Tie Solar System Overview

    This is a typical quote for all the items you would need for a 5000 watt grid tie system.

    That does not get into mounting issues, which might be different for your roof, but it lists all the usual components you would need.
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