Rain/Weatherproof Inverter

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How can I Weatherproof my inverter. I want to move it outside (near batteries, but not in the battery cabinet). Wanting to screw it to the outside wall of the mobile home. There is about a 1 foot roof ledge over that wall, but im afraid with rain there will be wind that will blow the rain against the wall, even if there is that ledge.

I was thinking of screwing a small rubbermaid type container over it, but would prefer something not so ghetto, any ideas?

Am I correct to say that I should not have the battery bank and inverter in the same compartment?

If it helps any it is a 1200W inverter size L15.75''xW8.66''xH3.15''

Thanks for any advise.


  • Cariboocoot
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    Re: Rain/Weatherproof Inverter

    Build it a nice box. Maybe covered with enameled roofing so it looks like the side of the mobile. Give it a door for easy access. You really just have to keep it dry, as cool as possible, and vented. Bugs getting in might be a bigger problem outdoors. Lots of people have their inverters in sheds. Expensive solution: Outback makes sealed units for outdoor applications.

    Yes it's probably best to give the batteries their own vented space to reduce the possibility of a spark igniting the vented hydrogen gas.
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    Re: Rain/Weatherproof Inverter

    Are your batteries flooded/wet, sealed flooded/wet, gel, or AGM?

    I have put 4 East Penn 8AGC2's under my bed, along with a 2KW inverter next to the propane water heater in a hard sided camper.

    If you use wet/flooded batteries - Don't do like me!