First time installing panels

Hi everyone, this will be my first time installing solar panels myself and I am curious if there is anything I should know regarding safety. I will be running 3 strings to a combiner box, turning the breakers off and installing the rest of the system as parts arrive.
I assume no harm will be done if they are left in the sun with wires disconnected from any connections.

Please let me know if you have any insight, helpful information.



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    Re: First time installing panels

    Solar panels may be left in the sun disconnected or even with the wires shorted together...

    The bigger issue is your safety (shocked, standing on a metal ladder, vs ground...). And try to avoid making any connections when the sun is up and there is a load on the system (i.e., you are making final connection from panel to charge controller).

    You probably have a distribution breaker--have that turned off so you don't "arc" the connectors as you are making up your final connections (can damage the connectors so that the fail during use).

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    Re: First time installing panels

    Covering panels with moving quilts or blankets is a pretty easy way to cover panels to prevent accidental stuff.

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