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    Re: Solar Boost 2000E input voltage

    See this post
    about solar / cloud / lensing effect. It does happen, and coupled with the cool panel, and bright edge, you get a brief boost. A MPPT controller should handle it fine, only lasts a couple seconds, I don't know how a PWM controller would deal with it - fine, or fry?
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    Re: Solar Boost 2000E input voltage

    In general, a good quality MPPT controller will "manage" it output current and internal temperatures even with presented with an edge of cloud event (the MPPT is designed to self limit)--so I would not worry at all.

    A PWM solar charge controller does not need to "know" its output current--so the less expensive ones may have an issue...

    However, current for a solar panel actually drops a tiny bit as the panels cool off (current output is pretty much flat with temperature for our needs here).

    The Edge of Clouds event is both a lensing and a temperature effect (increasing voltage from cool panels and somewhat increasing current due to lensing)--and since a PWM charge controller cannot convert the "voltage rise" into added current output--the Edge of Cloud effect would be much less noticeable for a PWM controller.

    So--I would doubt that a good quality PWM controller would be affected much (if at all) by such an event.

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