Wind turbine in Guam

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Greetings from :Guam

We just moved to Guam and are building a new house.

Right now we are using about 250-300 kw per month. I expect that the new house will be about the same.

I'm in contact with a manufacture in China and can get a 2 KW unit with controller and inverted for $2,400.00

Guam's wind averages about 9.1 mph / year with a high of about 12 mph. Guam does get typhoons and being able to take down the wind turbine easily will be necessary.

The wind does tend to slow down at night so I plan the use the turbine on grid if possible with the Guam Power Authority (GPA) so it does not need be the primary source for power.

GPA also requires that the inverter must be able to disconnect from the power grid in case the grid power is shut down. This can be manually but I prefer to have it automatic.

We have plenty of sun sine 10-12 hours a day, but so far I'm not impressed with solar panels as at present they are only about 10% efficient and not worth the expense to install and maintain.

GPA requires that the inverter must be UL approved, The turbine does not have to be.

We will also install solar water heater. Again I can get a thermosyphon solar hot water heating system with a 46 gal. tank for $290.00

Since this is all new to me I'm looking for any information and or suggestions




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    Re: Wind turbine in Guam

    There is nearly NO energy content in winds less than 15MPH. Sure, the blades will move, but produce VERY little power.
    Solar hot water is the best payback, and then solar PV (electric).

    Solar PV is very reliable, and if you keep hurricane/typhoon winds from smashing plastic lawn chairs into your panels, you can expect 20+ years of life from them. Just keep leaves and shadows off them, and you will be MUCH better off than with 15 MPH winds and a tiny turbine.

    See if you can find the "Power Output Curve" chart for your turbine, and see what it produces at 12MPH. If it outputs 2KW @ 35 MPH, you might get 50 watts at 12 mph.
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    Re: Wind turbine in Guam

    Great thanks for the information. I'll keep you posted as things progress.

    Can you recommend a company that supplies PV?

    How many would I need?

    It's 6:00 am here now, 80 degrees and sunny.

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    Re: Wind turbine in Guam

    Our site host,, Northern Arizona Wind and Sun supplies hardware all over the world.

    Give them a shout,

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    Re: Wind turbine in Guam

    Another vote for Northern AZ Wind and Sun. Their customer service is excellent and have been very happy with their service.

    If you ever run into Dick Brown or Don Jones out there on the island, tell them Joe from AZ said hello! :)

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    Re: Wind turbine in Guam

    Where do they work at?

    It's a small island and it's fairly easy to find people...If they want to be found...

    I'm heading back to California on July 1-16. Not sure if I can make to to Arizona but will let you know. Being a southern California boy, I don't know much about anything East of Pomona...

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    Re: Wind turbine in Guam

    Don is with Continental Airlines and Dick owns a "drinking establishment" (believe that they have food as well) and is the director of operations of a small airline there.

    Yes I am in the aviation field! :)

    Not to worry about Arizona. Once the "big one" hits we will be the beach for you guys!

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    Re: Wind turbine in Guam

    I'll see what I can do to find them.

    Speaking of flying, I was living in Palau for many years and I have one of only three
    "Palauan flying License" ever issued....

    I built and flew a two seat ultralight. If you go to my blog:
    You can see pictures. Also check out photos of Paragliding in Taiwan.

    As far as I tell there is one 152, and one 172 on the island. They want a fortune to rent one. The big rip off is that you don't pay for Hobbs time, but from the time they hand you the keys to the time you bring them back!!!

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