USB to rs-323 cable for SS-MPPT

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I was wondering if anyone out there, is using one of these cables for data logging with any success with the Morningstar Suresine inverter or SS-MPPT, and if so what brand?

I'm ready to get one but in searching around I've seen a lot of problems with driver, install issues with different types of equipment. Basically I would like to buy ONE and have it work;) I'd really like to use my laptop and not my desktop.

Thanks for any info.



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    Re: USB to rs-323 cable for SS-MPPT

    Any of the cheap ones I have used work fine ... check newegg out,

    This looks like one that I have on the bench that work fine

    Also, you do know that you have to get the Morningstar Adapter? neither Suresine or Sunsaver Mppt have direct connections for serial communications and only the Sunsaver Mppt has software for monitoring
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    Re: USB to rs-323 cable for SS-MPPT

    Thanks SG
    Yeah I have the adaptor for the MPPT, I'm thinking about getting the Suresine also, it's just when I looked around at cables I saw there had been problems with some devices working correctly, so I'd thought I'd get some advice. I'll go with what you suggest then I'll post back for other users info.

    Thanks again

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    Re: USB to rs-323 cable for SS-MPPT

    I can't speak for the particular hardware you are using, but:
    The issue is that many of the cheaper USB to RS232 cables do not use level shifters. Many newer serial devices have less stringent levels than the specified RS232 standard which requires voltage swings in the -12 to +12V range. Without a level shifter the cables typically output in the 0-3.3V range or 0-5V range. This is technically not the correct level range. If you are not sure what you need you can go with something like the FTDI US232R-10 or US232R-100 (different cable lengths) cable (look at Digikey, Newark, etc). The cable is more expensive than the $10 jobs, but has proper RS232 levels (also cool LEDs when you transmit or receive data).