Dark energy - passive nightime radiative cooling

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Anyone ever develop a homeowner scale product like this, for cooling a tank of water for a low energy "air conditioner" ?

useing a large radiator surface (open top tank or pan) exposed to un-clouded night sky, the combo of radiant heat from the water to the sky, and some evaporation, chills the water, so much that ancient desert dwellers could make ice at night

Passive cooling of water at night in uninsulated open tank in hot arid areas
Ahmed Hamza H. AliCorresponding Author Contact Information, a, E-mail The Corresponding Author aDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University, Assiut 71516, Egypt

Passive Cold
Passive heating is pretty broadly understood. Passive cooling is less well known, though there are several different and viable methods. But most people think that "passive" and "ice" or "refrigeration" are just not possible. Not so. ....

Outgoing longwave radiation is the most practical way of cooling buildings in desert climates and is effective on roof surfaces, emitting the radiations from the surface of earth to the atmosphere and to outer space. Water evaporation in desert coolers is the usual method of cooling in arid regions. Nocturnal radiation both heats in winter and cools in summer, in suitable climates, and does so with no nonrenewable energy other than a negligible amount required to move the insulation twice a day.

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