pumping water to utilize power during full battery

Thanks all for bearing with my computer illiteracy. I'm trying to utilize the PV output when the batteries are full. Our system is pretty big and the bulk of it for irrigation and a 1/3 acre fish pond. I'm considering using the 12V auxiliary of one of the charge controllers or inverters to control one or two pumps to come on and fill a water tower when we have excess power so during periods of cloud we can alleviate the need to pump water until the sun comes back. Has anyone tried this? Any advice?
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    Re: pumping water to utilize power during full battery

    Sounds good to me,, I can think of no reason why it wouldn't work. I turn my pump breaker off at night sometimes, and wait until the sun is out to pump up the tank, saves a few ah's here and there.

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    Re: pumping water to utilize power during full battery

    I eventually hope to be able to do something similar. Using long summer days, to pump water to several 5,000 tanks, and in the winter, if I don't want to start a generator, open the electric valve, and run the hydro generator, to make my toast in the AM.
    Not real efficient, but if I have all summer to pump 15,000 gallons, when batteries are full, I'll gladly use the power as micro hydro to save fuel when batteries are "critical"
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