New installation from Puerto Rico.

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Hi everyone!!!

First... Congratulations for this awesome site!!!

Now... I have been lurking for some time learning the highs and lows of the photovoltaics systems and just last week completed the installation of modest system in my home.

I use a Xantrex SW Plus 2524, a Xantrex C40, and 5 Conergy 175MU modules, and so far I'm more than happy with the results.

The system runs the house from about 8:30am to 4:30pm and still is enough light to keep the batteries at 25.4v.

Here are some pics from the installation.

The array...

The full setup...

Typical load...

and last a reading in a clear skyday. The last days we are having a lot of Sahara dust and the reading are a tad lower.


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    Re: New installation from Puerto Rico.

    Excellent I really like seeing other peoples installs and this one is very neat,well done.

    More pictures as far as Im concerned ;)
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    Re: New installation from Puerto Rico.

    Hi Nigel!!!

    You can check at my FlickR album at ...
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    Re: New installation from Puerto Rico.

    Thank you I enjoyed viewing very much a picture helps all, I suspect your like me and hate to see wires and like to strive for a clean installation.

    Manufacturers are just getting on board with total solutions for clean installs OB and X being led by Midnight Solar for one stop affordable solutions. For independant and commercial installs at affordable prices.

    The last holy grail is an affordable battery monitor across the branded ranges.
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    Re: New installation from Puerto Rico.

    would you like to post some of those pics into the sticky above as well as your link? add a bit of dialog to let others be aware of what they are looking at too. some stats would also be nice like how much power is generated and all of the equipment being used.
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    Re: New installation from Puerto Rico.

    I liked the photos on your slide show. Thanks.

    Your cable terminal crimping tool is a classic.
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    Re: New installation from Puerto Rico.
    mike90045 wrote: »
    Your cable terminal crimping tool is a classic.

    Thanks Mike!!!

    I just not want to pay nearly $200.00 for a crimper just for this job. The tool worked just fine. Two blows of the hammer and done.:D

    Nice and tight...

    And now a little more about my system.

    Originally I was looking for an alternative to a gas generator for the hurricane season. During the last major hurricane we expend more than two weeks with out power and the noise and fumes from the nearby homes was nearly intolerable. Ahh... The last major hurricane was George and the strongest winds clocked 120 mph in my area and cross the whole island from east to west.

    Here in Puerto Rico we has quite a bunch of dealers for solar equipment and I went to one of the oldest, Casa Solar. Here this guys give me a lot of info and alternatives. My firts option was a Xantrex Powerhub 1800 for the small footprint and the easy of install, but then we changed opinion and decided on the SW because of the sine wave output.

    We opted not to go grid tie because of the requirements of the local utility, and while we pay more than 22 cents Kwh they will only pay 10 cents for the 75% in the annual basis. The other 25% will account as a donation for the public schools. Also they require a insurance for $500,000.00 for installation less than 25Kwh, and also that the installer must be NABCEB certified.

    Anyway... to finish, I love the results from this system, and would love more when the prices get more afordable.

    PS: English is not my primary language, so forgive any mistake.
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