Batteries in Parallel?

Hi Folks
first time on this forum.
I am in the process of designing an off - grid system for my house:
1Kw of 170W panels and about 1500 A/h batteries.
My Question is what are peoples opinions about wiring batteries in parallel?
I have always been told to avoid it as it leads to irregularities in charging but some designers' web sites seem to recommend it as a matter of course.

All opinions welcomed.



  • nigtomdaw
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    Re: Batteries in Parallel?

    A single bank is simple and striaght forward, so if possible designing from scratch this is the way to go.

    My bank has 3 strings and was dictated by the offer of the batteries and price.

    I have had no problems todate.

    Wiring the strings takes care and as always there is best, accepted and bad ways to combine strings . I think some one posted a link a couple of months ago to an excellent web site that showed the perfect way to wire strings with data to back up his designs.
  • mike95490
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    Re: Batteries in Parallel?

    Here's a great writeup on how to properly wire your battery bank (diagonally)
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