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How about requiring LOCATION. Not your street address, but general location, or a globally recognizable large city nearby.
It would be a BIG help when someone asks a question, and forgets to say where they are, or when we miss the -33 lat, and assume +33 lat
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    Re: Required options for new posters

    that would make it easier in most cases, but you can look up their location with their ip address. there are many sites that allow you to do this and here is the one i use. it is more work for the one giving the help for sure.
    if you don't want to look it up and they don't want to give their location then maybe you shouldn't help them on the grounds they would value some type of secracy over getting help. i know it's no secret as to where in the world they are, but they don't always know it's not a big secret. they could also be unaware that giving this info helps in determining aspects of a solar setup for them. well, it's either of those reasons or they are being somewhat lazy in filling in information, but i'll give the benefit of the doubt that this isn't a valid reason.
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