System Monitors

Of these two which one is the better one for off grid? Or which one do you like the best. I have a 24 volt system.
The OutBack Power Systems FLEXnet or the Xantrex TM500A Battery System Monitor. I have a MX 60 and a Xantrex 2440 inverter
Thanks Brian


  • nigtomdawnigtomdaw Solar Expert Posts: 705 ✭✭
    Re: System Monitors

    Brian I believe the outback flexnet requires the Outback mate to display the readings and thus you really need a complete outback inverter system.

    I use the Xantrex XBM with optional software interface I think it is very good ,it is generic in its use and can go from system to system.

    There are other options out there but I let those who have first hand knowledge of them give you there opinions.

  • blwncrewchiefblwncrewchief Registered Users Posts: 17
    Re: System Monitors

    Nigtomdaw is correct. The FlexNet DC works great but to be any kind of useful you need a hub and mate to display the readings. If you have or plan to have an Outback system with a mate and hub I would get The FNDC. If not then get a standalone monitor.
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