still looking for help with control panel

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I have my Gen down for updates. Hub came loose and spun on the shaft so am in the process of making a new drive shaft. Also thinking about making slip ring contact to transfer power rather then using the twisted wire way. any good ideas on type of brushes on could use to carry at least 60 amps.
Also could use a good idea to brake the blade during very high winds other then furrling. I'm installing a pma in place of the gm alternator. This way I will not have to worry about getting enought speed to self energize it self which it never did.
Still needing help with a circuit board that can read. since input from the gen and solar panel and determine if a 3rd input supply is needed to keep the bank up. As well as having the abality to controll this 3rd input power supply based on system load- demand- by having the abality to turn it on and off automatily. thanks bigsmel


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    Re: still looking for help with control panel

    Did the "twist cables in the mast pipe" not work for you ? Slip rings and brushes are a real pain, and just because the alternator was stamped 60A, don't think you are really going to have 60Amps till it's spinning at 8,000 RPM.

    Electrically shorting the output, has been a valid way to control overspeed in high winds

    I've got no idea what to suggest as a controller. I think a Trace C40 could work, and use a diversion load when the batteries are full.
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    Re: still looking for help with control panel

    the twisted wire way is also a problem. The proctive outter portion of the cable spilts open and the wire binds up. My Gen has a 10.5 dia 3 blade driving a 10 inch pulley to the driven gen. the tail is about 5 to 6 ft long. this Gen is not small and is built very heavy due to the amount a varations of wind speeds here. the twisted wire method just don't seem to work well for this type of set up. I agree slip rings have there problems as well but I feel once I figure a good way to assemble them shorting wires inside to pole could be elemated. Not to mentioned binding or twisting up of the wires at the top of the pole will go away as well.
    These are some of the type of problems we face when building Gens from scratch. One herdal after another but the things we learn along the way are invaluable. thanks for your thoughts and inputs.
    My ultimate goal is to have 3 way charging into my bank. wind/solar and a generator. Slip rings or twisted wire method is machanical. that is the simple part. the electronic control part I'm looking for seems to be the hard part. Bigsmel
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    Re: still looking for help with control panel

    This may work, another form member just installed one:

    I will try to find that thread.

    edit: found it, first post is mine, a home made one. Go down towards the middle.
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    Re: still looking for help with control panel

    thanks KEn did some research at morning star. Looks like it may be what I'm looking for. Will wait for there reply w the info submitted. many thanks Melvin
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