Need help Identifying Solar Panel Mounting Rails

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After Hurricane Ida, a friend of mine removed a huge on grid solar system from his roof to reroof his house and decided not to put the solar system back on. He gave me four Q.PRO BFR-G3 265 solar panels and the rails the hold them which contain 4 optimizers on them. I believe the panels are from 2007ish so some of their life is spent.  My intentions is to add to an existing 12 volt back up system in my house which consists of a marine battery (that needs to be replaced) charged by a 120v battery charger which powers a few LED lights and the internet at the house. I do have a 12 volt 300watt inverter that I typically use in my car that I could attach in an emergency. 

I will be looking for other help and suggestions in the future in designing my best bang for the buck, but at the moment I am trying to find out what brand of mounting rails and where I can buy all new hardware using these rails. Any suggestions would be appreciated!



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    Did you ever find out who made these? Just curious.

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