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Hi, My 12 volt lithium  battery system shut down @12.3 volts-not a problem , but now batteries are only charging to 13.5 volts .The controller input is 15.98 volts but output is only 13.5 volts where previously my batteries charged up to 14.7 volts . both controllers are giving the same result. Why? Thanks John     I just remembered I had this problem sometime ago and it suddenly corrected itself .Hope it does again.


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    "12v" PV panels  should be putting out about 18V in good sun.  15V is too low, you need to allow for some voltage loss in the controller.
       is this in really hot weather ??
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    What solar charge controllers are you using (brand/model or links)?

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    Yes hot weather but  was still charging up to 14.7 volts in hotter weather. Controllers are Renogy Rover 30 amp I think it is something to do with boost  charge not kicking in .Maybe? !5.98 volts was in the afternoon-I'll look at noon to see what the input is. John
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    I fixed the problem-Start from the beginning .Batteries tripped out so I used my dc to dc charger running off my alternator to start the recharge. Un be known  to me this switched off in my settings lithium battery and the controller switched to gel battery. I have now switched the controllers back to lithium and everything is  working as it should. LESSON LEARNED.
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