Wind Turbine need to charge Batteries

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looking for information to use wind powered equipment to help charge the batteries on my 17.1KW off grid solar system. I would like to augment the charging during bad/Cloudy weather.

Is there equipment out that can do this?

thank you


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    Yes there is.
    It's expensive if you want reliability
    It requires maintenance ( bearing grease and inspections, air foil  repairs )
    Noisy.   Requires a good site, away from trees and buildings and a tall tower ( hard to do maintenance 80' up )

    Often, adding more solar is a better choice.
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    Also, need to understand your 17.1 kWatt system... Is that the size of your inverter(s)? Or the size of the solar array?

    Can you tell us about your battery bank (voltage, AH, type of cells/batteries)?

    Typically, for "useful" charging, something like 5% to 20% rate of charge is "useful" (i.e., 500 AH battery bank * 10% rate of charge = 50 Amp charging @ 58 volts for "48 volt" battery bank) or 50a*58v=2,900 Watt "charging source"...

    Anyway, a quick example of how to "size" the wind turbine for "useful" charging.

    As Mike says, Wind Turbines are difficult install and service... 30' to 100' tower (depending on location) to get into "clean air" (above local trees, building, etc.). And that can take a lot of concrete, steel, and ability to raise the tower and service the turbine.

    Depending on the size of your turbine (if you use smaller models), perhaps you can get away with a "gin-pole" tower... Easier to tilt up/down.

    Most locations do not have very good wind conditions--And those that do, need turbines that can reliably harvest that wind, and shutdown in high winds safely.

    Typically, the turbine is the lesser of the expenses for residential wind... The tower+concrete+wiring+controllers+any crane/bucket truck rentals, etc...

    We can help--But most of the stuff we do here is solar--And usually recommend more solar (cheaper and more reliable on average).

    For folks farther north (away from equator), the long dark days, a wind turbine can be a nice addition to your energy harvest... But finding reliable turbines can be very difficult.

    There is a fairly active (from what I have read) Do It Yourself wind turbine community out there... And if you have the skills (and land/workshop) to build your own turbine, it can be a viable solution.

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    17.1 is the size of the array. Thanks for all the info. We have just moved into our new home with this off grid system. We will go through the seasons and see how this works out before we make any decisions. After reading these reply’s if we need to do anything I think I will lean towards expanding the system instead of wind turbines. 

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    If you have a 17kw array.....

    Just forget about wind turbines!
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