Conext ComBox->Gateway->Insight Gateway

rpvietzkerpvietzke Registered Users Posts: 34 ✭✭

I am a long time schneider ComBox user and went through its initial software growing pains. I've been holding off on the "gateway" upgrade until it went a few cycles of software and seemed to stabilize, hoping to avoid some of the issues I initially had with the ComBox.

I think I see that the "Gateway" that was a little over a year old has now been replaced with a "insight home gateway". I am curious if this is just a new wrapper on the same computer/board and software or if it is a totally new piece of hardware and a new software build for new chips that also might deserve a little time to mature?

As a second question, I was sort of waiting for the analog output functions to come along, particularly the ability to trigger a relay when there was extra solar/generator power to be used, which I think I had read was coming at some point. Any updates on that, especially for this new home gateway?  (IE, run my hot tub pump in the summer when the batteries complete charging and their is extra juice, or potentially run some electric heat pads in the winter when the generator was still running but only loaded lightly at the end of a charge.)



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