Tinkering with a small wind/battery/grid-tie system

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Hi Folks, a newbie question here, thanks in advance for your patience!

I have a 24V wind turbine like this one:

and I want to experiment with using it supplement my home power with a grid-tie inverter. I know I need to do this through a battery bank (say starting with some cheap lead acid 12V in series) with a charge controller and I know I can't just connect a grid-tie inverter to the batteries as that would just suck all the current out of them in one go. So I guess I need the grid-tie inverter to disconnect from the batteries once the voltage drops below a certain value?

and I have a single 300W solar panel connected to this mini-grid-tie inverter:

and what I would really like is to be able to pump any available solar/wind power into my household grid (a small amount of storage would be nice but not essential). Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    First, most plug-in inverters are not legal for use in USA.

    Second, they are supposed to work with a PV panel, and they regulate their output by moving the MPPT tracking point around - which can't happen with a battery, and unlikely to happen with a wind turbine.

    So, my opinion is that it won't work well at all.
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