Aux Port Connector for Schneider Conext 5548 XW+

1daveman1daveman Registered Users Posts: 4
I installed my 5548 XW+ system a few months ago, and now want to plug into the Aux port to activate some relays for a radiant floor system.  I misplaced the connector that plugs into the Aux Port, and have been unable to locate one.  Schneider does not respond to my service requests and the company I purchased the inverter has not been able to get me one.

Does anyone either have one of these that are not being used, or know where I could find one?  It is a small green 5 pin connector.  I expect most people who install these inverters don't use the aux port and so would not need this connector.  I would be willing to purchase one from anyone and of course pay shipping.

I would appreciate any help anyone can provide.


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