Using a flow switch to turn UV water filter on/off


I am having trouble finding much info on this topic. I have a UV water filter installed in my water filtration system in my van and I'd like to use a flow switch to turn it off when there is no water flowing through it. I bought a flow switch on Amazon and have not been able to find any wiring diagrams. Anyone have any ideas on how I could wire it to use it as an on/off switch? Would I need to get a relay?

Flow Switch:
DIGITEN FS-C01 G1/2" Brass Water Flow Switch with Filter 1-30L/min, 0-2A/ 0-220V(AC or DC): Industrial & Scientific



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    What are the specifications of the UV water filter? That will determine how it will be wired.
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    One thing to be aware of is that fluorescent tube UV disinfectant systems have a warm-up period during which they don't disinfect water.  Some systems have a time delay solenoid valve that doesn't let water flow until the lamp has warmed up.  LED UV disinfection systems (Accuva for instance) don't have this delay issue.  The 12V Accuva system also has a built in water flow sensor which greatly reduces power consumption as it appears you are thinking of doing as well.

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