One of three panels failing?

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Today because I've had charging issues I ran a spot check of my 12 volt system (exterior lighting and water features only) and found the following individual currents and voltages in mid day (optimum tilt aspect, not winter) :

Note all three were tested alone, and NOT in parallel.

200w NewPowa 5.4 amps and 16.5 Vdc
150w NewPowa 1.4 amps and 13.0 Vdc
125w BP solar (~10 years old) 6.2A and 14 Vdc.

The Newpowa 150 was bought in May and the seller wrote me suggesting that my connection method was at fault? Is she off base? or is it prohibited (I never read this) to connect panels from different makers and wattages.

"May I know if you are paralleling these panels with different wattage? If so, it is not recommended.
Because the low wattage panel will pull down the output of the high wattage panel."

Any help would be appreciated.


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    She is absolutely correct.  Voltages don't need to match exactly, but they should be within 5% of each other.  A 16.5V panel and 13.0V panel are far more than 5% different.  If those two panels were wired in series, you'd get ~29.5V at ~1.4amps.  The extra amps from the NewPowa would be totally wasted.
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    Hi Michael, and thanks, but maybe I did not explain my situation.

    The reason I tested was not HOW I tested. I understand the electrical issue when all three are in the circuit, and that's the REASON I tested.

    The WAY I tested I found that when only the one panel was connected (150w NewPowa 1.4 amps and 13.0 Vdc)

    The one panel tested LOW, without ANY other panel connected. So I'm saying the one panel (150w NewPowa) is malfunctioning and she has continued to suggest that if the panel is bad, "I" caused it.

    The specs on the 150 panel are...
    Vmp 17.0
    Imp 8.2A
    Isc  9.36a

    I changed the 15A breaker, and tested it (the NewPowa 150) in full sun and got 7.5A with the DMM as the only load. However with the CC connected I get 1.4 to 1.6A out of the NewPowa.

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    You need to check the open circuit voltage, Voc, and short circuit current, Isc both in full sun, if you have not done so. This will reveal if the panels output is within spec, the Isc value may be slightly below listed,  but should be relatively close.
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    Isc will vary considerably depending on the angle of the panel to the sun. Take a loose panel and test it while aiming it toward and away from the sun. 

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