MPPT Output reading 2.9V

Hi, I have 2 250 watt panels connected in parallel producing an average of 35 V. I've hooked them up to a 40 amp Epever MPPT and it says the output voltage is 2.9V. It says that my batteries aren't charged enough but they're LiFePO4 batteries and my multimeter test of the batteries (2 100 Amp connected in parallel) says 13.1V. 

Any advice is welcome. I'm not sure what is going wrong. I've double checked the connections and they're all good. 

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    Have you followed the proper power -up sequence for the controller ?
    Connect the Controller to the battery first, and allow it time to boot up.
     after it's booted, then connect the Solar panels.

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    I haven't allowed it time to boot up. I'll try that. Thanks! 
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