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On my two strings of panels (wired series/parallel, thanks to the experts here) I have two separate charge controllers to handle each string and they each have an equalizing phase..however, one is every 28 days and the other is every 30 days.
On a small system such as this do I need to be concerned with overcharging the 4 Deka L16 batteries?
The system has been running perfectly for about 10 months but I'd like to get the longest life possible out of these batteries.
One of the CC's has the option to cancel equalizing charge...should I try it ?
8- 235Watt panels, 2 strings in series/parallel, 4L16 Deka 6Volt, 370AH FLA. batteries, 3000W Cotek pure sine inverter, SRNE ML2440 40Amp Controller &  40 Amp Renogy controller, 24 Volt system.
4 stand alone PV arrays; 12V gate opener, 24V Dankoff rain water pumping system, 12V Shurflo rain water garden pumping, 12V bathroom LED lighting and fan.
Honda EU3000W generator for backup.


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    I would only do what is recommended by Deka. Nothing more or less, especially if the system is working correctly.
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    To successfully EQ a battery bank (after it has been fully charged normally), you only need around 5% of battery bank AH charging current.

    If you can get around 5% from one charge controller, then you should be fine with only one controller during the EQ cycle.

    The first couple of cycles--I would want to monitor battery current/temperature/bubbling... Not a bad idea to simply manually EQ while you are there to make sure all is OK (if you are going to use a hydrometer, checking per battery EQ charging voltage, logging results, etc.).

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