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Hello, our mate3 just threw a ground fault at us. We think we know why (strong wind dislodged 2 panels and broke 2 wires) anyways we reinforced the mounting and fixed the wiring. 
How do i tell the mate that all is well and to start charging again? Is there something i need to do with the fm100? The pv breakers are now all on and im not seeing any issues in the load center. 
Unfortunately outback tech support is down and the 2 guys we also call for assistance arent answering. Thanks!!


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    Power down the solar system. Make sure (with a voltmeter) there is no DC voltage on solar in /out of FM 100. Wait at lease 5 minutes or more. Repower and check for operation. Do you have the stock Outback GFCI ?

    I just logged into the Outback forum so give it another try.

    The other thing is if there was hidden damage to the array, you are going to have to troubleshoot the array. This can take some time and you are going to need some advanced skills to do this, safely.  Good Luck !
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    If the power cycle doesn't work, on the Mate3 press the events button, select the fault and acknowledge it by pressing the button under "ack" at the bottom of the display.
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    Just thought I would post the fix.
    We ack all in the events
    Then turned the breakers off for the the panels individually in the PV box and breakers in our load center for the charge controller & panels OFF.
    We replaced the fuse in our fm100 charge controller.
    We then slowly turned everything back on and all was well again. 
    We do have a possible issue with one panel, which we disconnected by unplugging one of the MC4 connectors and then were able to follow the wires back and leave that string off when flipping the breakers back on. hopefully we'll get that taken care of soon. We bought extra fuses  just in case!
    Thanks for your help
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