Outback EnergyCell 200PLR VRLA-AGM 12V 200 AH

Is anyone familiar with the Outback EnergyCell 200PLR VRLA-AGM 12V 200 AH battery?  NAWS sells Outback batteries, but this one is different.  200 AH at 12v for less than $400.  My Concorde 6v 400 AH have served me for almost 8 years.  The Outback would provide 200 AH more power for the little more cost when replacing the 24v Concorde bank.  I know...there would be three banks.  One is optimal.  But, for the price?  I cannot find any reviews or discussions on the web on these batteries.  I am all ears.


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    The price of lead acid batteries is largely governed by the mass of material used, the remainder is warranty and brand name recognition. Check the weight of  2 Concord 6V 400Ah  versus 2 Outback 200Ah, my bet would be the Concord would be heavier.

    The Outback  price per Ah is close to that of top of line CALB  LiFePo4  cells considering usable energy, but pale in comparison to cycle life expectancy, if replacement is necessary you may want to consider 21 century technology as opposed to 19 century.
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    Went with the 19th century technology.  Concorde AGM.  It is a choice, and I made it MY way.  Moderator, please close this discussion.
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