A new Problem with Fault on Xantrex Inverter

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I have a GT3.3N Inverter, installed in 2008. 
It's getting the voltage from the array but as it climbs gets too about 1800 watts, full sun, midday, then stops and then again starts its slow climb then repeats. So how long is the Warranty for these and in the SF area any recommendations? any thoughts whats failing?
I don't like repeats so any recommendations on grid tie inverters ?
Thank You


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    Welcome to the forum Spalletta,

    The warranties at that time were either 5 years with option for 10, or later to get the rebates (at least in California), the inverters had to have a 10+ year warranty. In your case, ~12 years is (as far as I can tell) out of warranty, and a relatively good life for the inverter (I had one fail in ~3 years, and it did get replaced).

    You can check with your installer and see what they can do for repairs... But for most electronics, ~5 years after end of production, replacement parts get hard to find (or vendor drops support). And at 10+ years for power electronics, unless it is a "cheap/easy" repair (or you can find a working unit on CraigsList/eBay/etc.), spending a lot of money to repair without any warranty is probably not money well spent.

    Take care,
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  • spallettaspalletta Registered Users Posts: 2
    thank you sir yes I still have a new one in the box ill replace it soon then just a bit more work than parts changeout and I'm not going to spend any more money or time on this thing, thank you again and cheers
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