solar energy for deepwell pump

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Have a friend with a deep well  pump 220v 3phase   2 hp .

He would like to add solar energy, there is always sun here in the tropics

I think solar panels and inverter , with on grid .

Is there a need for batteries?

Awaiting somebody to tell me about this



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    You only need batteries if you want to pump water at night. (between 4pm and 9am, when the sun is low in the sky and panels can't harvest much)

    Better off deciding if a smaller pump can meet the requirements for water, and save power that way.
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    A 3-4 kWatt solar array + a VFD (variable frequency drive) can work well (pumping water during day)... Becoming more common for irrigation and pumping to pond/tank/etc.... Plain 3 phase motors on VFDs can/tend to have a shorter life.

    Obviously, knowing more about the motor (induction motors tend to run hotter with VFDs and their typical MSW output)... And finding a supplier that is knowledgeable about Solar Panels+VFDs+Water pumping.

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    This is a Solar site so I see no conflict in sending you to another site , good unbiased experts there unlike another well known plumbing site, Speedbump is our resident expert and I own the site and won't try to sell you anything, besides I have nothing to sell.

    WELL PUMP and Inverter QUESTION
    Wind/solar for large scale pumping etc (out of my depth!)
    could use knowledge - using Gould jet pump - transfering from 230vAC to ? DC
    Help required to design off grid system

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    You may want to consider a Grundfos SQF submersible pump.  Check out their web site.  Their pumps work directly from solar panels inverting/converting to VFD within the pump itself.  Extremely efficient especially with the low solar panel prices and can be powered by a 110 volt ac generator. 
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