Conext 6048 xw+ Balance issue

Hello I just joined the forum, I am currently diving into the world of alternative energy from being a standard grid electrician. I recently bought a Conext (xantrex) 6048 inverter charger combo. I’m bench testing it and have been having issues pulling 120v loads. When I connect a 120v load to one side or phase it causes the voltage to spike to 170v on said side and drop to 80v on the other. The unit has no problem running 240v loads. My question is is this normal? I was under the impression this inverter could run at least slightly unbalanced loads without so much voltage variation. I have just received a combox that I intend to install and see what the settings are as I bought this used.


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    Drill down thru settings and enable GENERATOR SUPPORT PLUS
    That puts the internal transformer into a mode to help balance loads, but it should be able to handle a pretty wide variation in standardsettings  settings

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    Ok I did this last night but still am having L-N voltage spikes. I literarily burnt out a power strip I use to plug loads into L1 (and a separate one on L2)
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    I see grid and generator support voltage respectively in the settings, however I’m not sure if that will help. I am a battery primarily setup. Maybe this inverter is not suitable for my needs...
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    I bought this used on eBay so maybe it’s faulty?
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    Sounds bad to me and E-bay is often a good source for damaged equipment. You wired on strip to L1 and neutral and one strip to L2 and neutral correct.  If so that is a decent test and it should work, if it is not damaged. 
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    Check that the Neutral connection(s) are solid from Inverter, through the Main Breaker panel, then to your branch circuits and loads.

    A poor Neutral connection anywhere in the wiring system can cause "brownout" and "overvoltage" conditions between L1/N and L2/N.

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