MPPT and a DC to DC charger

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Hi Everyone, I have 400w of PV and a Epever MPPT controller on my campervan. All is good until winter. So was was thinking of adding a DC to DC charger to charge from the main battery to the leisure batteries. Would I need to disconnect the MPPT before switching in the DC to DC? I'd rather they were both connected to avoid the MPPT shutting down as it will not have power. My worry is that the DC to DC charger will damage the MPPT when charging the sealed lead acid batteries.


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    Having two charging sources on a single battery is generally not an issue but it must be remembered that the one with the highest potential will take priority if the other is unable to supply adequate voltage, therefore both need to be set with the same charging profile for optimum performance. Should the MPPT not be able to provide sufficient output, equal to the DC to DC charging source, it will simply cease charging until such time it is able to do so, therefore disconnection is unnecessary as reverse current protection is inherent to charge controllers.

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    What McGiver said.......I just got my Renogy 40A DC to DC charger to install in my truck to charge the Toy Hauler batteries while driving.
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    If the charging profiles of the batteries are anywhere close, I'd consider just getting a <$50 battery isolator.
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