APsystems YC600 and XW+ 6848

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I have an existing grid tie system with APsystems YC600 microinverters (8 of them) and aiming to add in a XW+ 6848 as a battery inverter.  The owner had asked for battery backup but that installer failed to "listen" and gave her just a grid-tie system.   SO I am verifying that the XW+ works with the YC600.  Documentation states it will work with Enphase, but nothing found when dealing with the YC600.  Both state they can generate and respond to freq shifting.

Has anyone experience, knowledge or where to find out if these two work together?  I would like to know BEFORE getting the XW+, installing it and it fails.   Real work experience trumps hazy documentation



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    They don't necessarily have to work together, if the GT system is connected to the grid, an inverter charger such as the XW could be used as a backup by using the AC input to charge the batteries. The XW inverter charger can be programmed not to feed into the grid, additionally a charge block could be programmed to allow charging only during the day if needed, so it it will in effect be the same as working together, if I'm understanding you correctly. 
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