Battery size??

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This battery came out of a stand on forklift.  I would like to know what size it is.   I could get the measurements if that would help.  Then, once I get to that point, what solar array to match it for full recharge in the winter months in south west Michigan.   Right now I have 1800 watt with the midnight classic.  I have been running the generator for 2-3 hours a day during the shorter winter days for the last 5 years.  


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    Running a generator is pretty much a given in northern winters.

    The rule of thumb is ~10-15% of battery ah capacity for cost effective solar, so a 500ah bank wants 50-75a charge.  That would be a 2500-3500w array (48v nominal).  I have 4500w (stc) array for ~300ah bank, and still need the genny in winter.

    The bank is about 1000#, and rated at 48 x 350ah = 17kwh.  You can change the nominal voltage etc, but the lbs/kwh will be roughly the same.
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    This is my third battery choice.   For 2 years I used 8 golf cart batteries, for 2 or so years, I used 4 used pallet jack batteries and this spring I bought this beast.  As right now, one cell wont charge. I read a forum where someone had the same problem and was able to fix it by charging the one cell by its self.  So right now I am using 2 if the old pallet jack batteries.  
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    Looks like ~1500 lb. 24 volt battery. Have you checked all over the case for stampings or an info. plate? 

    Tell us the dimensions of the steel case if you can.

    A cell not charging is very bad. Would be tough to lift one of those cells out without a forklift. You may have to. You might try emptying the acid from that cell and replacing it - if you have the equipment. Maybe some idiot did something idiotic. 
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