Sol-Ark 8kw vs Sunsynk 8kw Inverters

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Does anyone know the story behind these two inverters?

I was under the impression that Sol-Ark 8kw was designed and built in the US but after coming across the Sunsynk they seem to be the same inverter with some tweaks. Internal pictures of the connection end also seem identical. 

Specs seem the same. The Sunsynk is listed having UL1741 certificate and listed under $2000 (South Africa price is the only place I have found it listed) vs. $6495 for the Sol-Ark

Spec Sheet Attached


I have reached out to Sunsynk for additional details on the inverter and where they are available but they have been cagey with their responses when I mentioned I am located in the US.  

I have the impression they are they same unit with only the branding and split phase features being the difference. Although a $4400 seems like a steep price to pay for split phase vs. leveraging a transformer. 


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    Manufacturers will often provide rebranded products to bulk purchases, often they are built to specification which may differ from the factory brand name in terms of features. There are market differences between tha North American and South African the most obvious would be as pointed out split phase, S.A. would be 230V and 50 Hz. 

    Pricing may also be tailored to what the market will bare, profit margins, taxes, labor costs, tariffs and so forth will also be reflected in retail costs. The U.S. is an entirely different market to S.A. so although the inverters may well be visually identical and possibly come from the same factory , most likely in China, the retail price in one market can't really be compared to another.

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    @mcgivor thanks for the insight. It'll be interesting to see if I ever get a confirmation on US availability for Sunsynk. Per the manual of the Sol-Ark it appears the AC In/Out voltage can be set via the inverters settings directly which may make the overall product a universal design vs. built to a specific market.

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