Scottbott: Questions about large Schneider 3 phase 6048 inverters

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    hi all. lot of info. here.i have a question about xw6048 "triple system split phase 120/240"i hope that someone can help me with.
    ok list of STUFF,5 xwmppt60-150 pc charge regulators,three 6048's  an ags panel,scp panel,48 volt 1280 ah battery...and a 500kw 460 volt three phase gen set running  a transformer 208/120 wye output... now i also have a 20 kw genny but it could not keep up with demands,so i got a bigger for the problem,seems like ac2 will not qualify,all inputs are good stable still no soap.someone said phase angle could kick it out.anyone got any ideas?
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    Welcome to the forum Scott,

    I have split your question into its own thread so questions and answers are easier to follow.

    Hopefully somebody here can give you some guidance. 

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    I need all the details where, when, how old, is this new to you, did it work before, The XW's 6048's are out of support life. More details please. Any faults and warnings logged and what #'s. Who installed this also.

    Have you widened AC2 to the max on frequency and voltage H/L
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