What is the best way to utilize these solar parts I currently have and any advice on buying more ite

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Currently I have 8 100W 12V Renology panels, Epever MPPT Solar charge controller 12V/24V Solar Regulator 150V 40A/30A/20A/10A +40A+Meter&cable, 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 100A Digital Voltage  Power Energy Meter Multimeter w/100A fuse, Anjoshi 50A-300A fuse holder, Drok DC Battery Capacity Voltage Temp monitor, udell 24VDC/13.8V converter, Battery disconnect switch, 2ga, 8ga, 10ga wire. 4 12V 110A flooded mat batteries. 


  • fisherusfisherus Registered Users Posts: 2
    I need to know how to set up 24V System and can I charge more batteries with this amount of panels?
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    What are you trying to do?
    Main daytime system ~4kw panels into 2xMNClassic150 370ah 48v bank 2xOutback 3548 inverter 120v + 240v autotransformer
    Night system ~1kw panels into 1xMNClassic150 700ah 12v bank morningstar 300w inverter
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