Beginning Search for Solar Well Pump System



  • CrystalCrystal Solar Expert Posts: 127 ✭✭✭
    I was going through old posts and realized I needed to update you all on how this project has been going.
    In the 5 years that the pump has been used there have been no problems. 
    Genset is run quite alot in the MN winter months to pump water to fill pressure/holding tanks in the house and to charge batteries. I couldn't tell you specifically how many hours per week.
    The small 300watt inverter recently had to be replaced for the home power system l, which is seperate from the pump system.
    One thing I'd change is having the two systems as one with a few more batteries to run the water pump when the sun isn't shining. But since I do everything in a "pay as you go fashion" I couldn't afford to do that. 

    I've since moved from this offgrid homestead...I decided to give it all to my previous partner of 20 years for the freedom to travel, which I've done for the past two years. In these past couple years I've learned how to live even simpler with less power.
    I hope you all have found this thread of the solar powered well pump journey to be useful.
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