Older FLA batteries shows 12.6 volts a day after charging.

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Lost my S.G. meter. Trying to guess usefulness of older batteries that hold ~12.6 volts instead of the 12.8 volts demonstrated by newer FLA batteries. 

Don't really need this older battery bank, it  supplements a newer and larger bank. Worth more than .30/pound I figure - by lowering the wear and tear on newer batteries.
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    12.6 volts is the normal resting voltage for FLA batteries after resting for 4 hours after a full charge, I would not be too quick to dispose of them. I use two banks of L-16 batteries that I do not parallel in normal use, only when I have large loads that will be on for hours. My inverters have  bank switches that can be switched to either bank or both. Each bank has its own controllers. This provides system redundancy as well as allowing each bank to achieve full charge independently without the one  bank affecting the other, they are close but not a match, one set is Rolls Surette and the other are Interstate traction batteries, also allowing extended time without system shutdown due to my extensive marine layer, 2500 feet deep today, I might see sun by noon. I'm very close to that big pond, the Pacific Ocean and have seen 10 days at a time buried in marine layer, with no sight of the sun where Fresno to the east of me is seeing 90-100 degree days. I have a generator but have not used it to top batteries in years now. I suggest keeping them as a spare, just in case. I would not have designed it that way, I pick up used systems, especially failed systems  and components if it's a smoking deal, keeping some and selling some used to newcomers with a budget.
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