The dirty air secret and other weird news



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    Estragon said:
    AFAIK, the salt in the saline is just there to balance the osmotic pressure, hence the close approximation to normal blood concentration.  The irrigation is done to remove potential pathogens etc mechanically only.  I suspect if there's a specific pathogen identified, further treatment may include topical application of an agent specifically effective for that pathogen.

    Actual seawater has all kinds of stuff growing in it.  Anyone using seawater to flush the head can attest to this.  Presumably "synthetic seawater" is sterilized.
    Living on Catalina Island, we have a salt water system for toilet flushing. Yes, many times when flushing the toilet in a dark bathroom you get a light show from the phosphorescence (bioluminescence) in the water. Also after a number of years you begin seeing some hard shell spiral structures in the tank.
    Yes seawater is very much alive. Which makes life possible for so many filter feeders from giant whales to clams and oysters to much smaller organisms lining our beaches and opening then closing with each wave. 

    The structures are primarily calcium carbonate and, of course, dissolve with acid. Don't ever mix potent acids and bases unless it is death you seek.
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    Dave, I had a 2.5 for years  and recently at&t installed a dual band while doing line work. The blink adapted just fine. The tech acted like he was doing me a big favor, then I see that they are charging $8.00/ month extra. With 1 meg on a good day, probably any router would do.
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    Thank-you! I just saw alot of reviews that some folks had problems with the 5G as blink uses 2.4G.
    Do you use Alexa/Echo with it?
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