Conductors in “wet” location LFMC

Relating to LFMC’s 350.12(2).

Standard LFMC commonly has a UL listing of 60 degree c “wet” temperature rating.

Is the expectation that conductors passing through a 2’ section of LFMC in an outdoor location must now reference the 60 degree ampacity column?

Before being made aware I would have always sized based on OCPD’s 75 temp rating.



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    The LFMC rating is for ambient temperature of it's useage, 60°C maximum, the conductors can be rated at a higher temperature and current based on its temperature column, as long as no portion of the circuit would exceed the conductors temperature. Since the LFMC portion cannot exceed 60°C the conductors within would be within their tollerance temperature.

    That's my interpretation, without having the code book in hand, there could be a notwithstanding clauses,

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