Rolls Surrette S-480 Battery L16 6V 375 AH

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I pretty much toasted my Trojans a few years back, instead of running out and buying new Trojans, i bought a couple mighty max to get me to where i am today..

I'm running a 24 volt system. my lights/water pump and charging stations are 12 volt and i use a step down for that..

I have 1500 of panels and another 1000 watts im putting up after the melt..

my home is wired 110/12v

My volt meter shows me using roughly 380 watts when both TVS, cable boxes, lights and the kids xbox are on..That's the only thing we use on 110...And we shut inverter off each night when TVs aren't in use....On the most boring of days, the TV's may see 5 hours of use

My question is, would 8 S-480s be plenty, or should I go 12? I try and read up and see some forums talk about not putting more than 2 strings of a battery's together. Space wise, im already set up for 8. I'm sure someone will ask, when I had the 8 Trojans before, i was still in the process of building and never put a load on them.. Then the fires came..

As always, any help is appreciated


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    8 x L16s would give you about the same usable wattage as I have on my 48v bank. I budgetted ~3kwh/day for loads, and the bank gives me ~ 2 days gloomy weather, 3rd day of gloom I spark up the genny.

    1500w panel would be a bit low in most locations, but 2500 might work. I have ~4kw, but could probably get by with less.

    Main daytime system ~4kw panels into 2xMNClassic150 370ah 48v bank 2xOutback 3548 inverter 120v + 240v autotransformer
    Night system ~1kw panels into 1xMNClassic150 700ah 12v bank morningstar 300w inverter
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    Yea, im gonna bump my panels to 3000, well it would like 3100, i had to order another charge controller, then ill be back to ask how to run both ;)

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    If you think you need to double up strings to get watt hours, just go the distance and double the voltage to 48V

    Yes, it's a new inverter, and you may have to re-wire the PV array, but in the long run, better. It won't solve any under charging caused by too few panels, but you avoid the parallel battery problems. And maybe 8 Golf cart batteries would be enough

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