Upgrading Firmware of Xantrex XW6048

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The firmware currently operating in my Xantrex XW6048 is quite old. It is listed as V01.00.00-0011. The current firmware version available on the Schneider website is V01.07.00-0003.

I'd like to update the firmware through the ComBox product I just installed. The process of updating the firmware of my MPPT60-150 charge controllers was quite painless through the ComBox.

As I read through the ComBox instruction, however, I found this notice:

Note: Do not change the .xf0 file name unless it is for a Grid-Tie inverter. For a GT .xf0 file you must prefix the file name with 867.0001, for example, 867.0001.filename.xf0

First, I assume that my system is Grid-Tie for this purpose as it is connected to XCel Energy through the AC1 input on the inverter. The file that I downloaded from Schneider is:


So my question is whether the file I send to the ComBox should be:




I have yet to find a telephone number for Schneider technical support for this quickie question. I had to submit a webform ticket. Was hoping someone here had figured this out already.


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    Something to watch for when you upgrade.

    1) power Any device on AC power, will shut down, because the inverter goes into standby when you start the upgrade.Any router or gear running off AC will shut down. I don't think the 24V on the xanbus, goes off. Check with them while you have them on the line

    2) filename. The model of the inverter is embedded in the file name, so they instruct you to modify it to match, The report from the cmbox (before you do an upgrade) will show you the embedded model

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    Turns out that the XW6048 is not considered a grid tied inverter for these purposes per Schneider. But I ad already figured out that the filename didn't need to be changed just by trial and error before I heard back from Schneider technical support.

    I had anticipated the AC power loss and since the ComBox is on an inverter powered outlet (seemed to make sense at the time), I got out a long extension cord and powered the ComBox with grid power during the upgrade. Went without a hitch.

    Interesting thought about the Xanbus power source. It may not have been necessary to change the AC power source.