Microwave on 12 volts

I have 2 travel trailers one in myrtle beach area. And one in the virginia mountains. My 1700 2000 surge non inverter generator will run the microwave in mb at sea level but not in high elevations Virginia. Both microwaves are identical 1000 watts heating. And I've tried switchin them same results.  I know I could get a 700 watt for the mountains. But I wondered with a 416 amp hr @ 12 volt bank. What size inverter would be needed or would it be practical to do on 12 volts. With my current microwave or even a 700 watts? Not sure what input it would take to run a 700 watt output but I'm sure it would take more.  Would like to hear from rvs that are using micros on 12 volt banks. But all input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    You will be pulling close to 100amps from a 12 volt bank to run your microwave.

    I have done that before. 2- 8d batteries in parallel and a Trace 2500 watt inverter. I don't recommend it. I am running 24v on my new system.

    How are you planning on charging the batteries?
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    At altitude, the engine has less power.  Look for an inverter generator with "power boost" that uses the starter battery for a brief extra boost of power
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    @ pnw_Steve currently using 400 watts and 45 amp Iota. Planning to add 2 260 watt panels and a 40 amp cc.  could do [email protected] 24 volts in my rv with a 24 to 12 converter. That would get it down to 50 amps or so but still at roughly c/4 discharge rate?. @Mike generator is fairly new runs my washer and charger. Probably cheaper to get a $50 700 watts microwave.
    2kw array 6 345 q cells  make sky blue 60 cc
     6 230ah GC @36 volts 
    18 amp accusense charger. 3650 champion 
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