Xw+ 5558 ac coupled smart charging?

On each of its two bi-directional AC input ports, the Conext XW is equipped with a relay that closes only when the AC source is qualified (within the user- adjustable range). Closing the relay connects the AC source directly to the AC output terminals of the Conext XW. In this pass-through mode, the Conext XW stays in charge mode and charges the battery bank. If the grid voltage and frequency are within limits, then-after a five minute delay-the Xantrex GT/Conext TX PV string inverter will harvest the solar energy from the array. This energy will be consumed by the AC loads and used by the Conext XW to charge the battery, following the normal three-stage charging process. Any excess energy will be exported to the grid (either through the Conext XW or through a separate transfer switch and Feed-in meter connection, depending on the applicable regulations within the jurisdiction where the system is installed).

From this I gathered that the xw has a similar feature to the “smart charging” feature of the SW. I can’t seem to make my xw work this way and tech support says that the xw can’t.  
Does anyone know how to configure an ac coupled system to recharge only as excess energy is flowing out to the grid?

I have full net metering for 9.5 more years but want to self consume if possible.

my system is a 3.5 kw solar edge system (self installed) and the new xw 5558 with 10.5 kw simphi battery bank set up as a whole house back up. I have the scp but I have not gotten my new Gateway yet (ship date for moved back to March :(  but I should get one of the first units :)

I am able to grid support and peak shave just fine and if I turn off the grid impute the ac coupled function works great. I want to know why it can’t charge while grid connected using extra solar power???? Seems like the smaller SW is not a good fit for me but has more features for self consumption than the xw? 

Any setting work arounds to do what I want? 



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