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I am looking for a new TV for my off grid cottage system,
I currently have a Samsung 32" and would like something about

What are some experiences from other members with respect to power consumption?




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    If you can, get a Kill-a-Watt type power meter and go down to the TV store and measure the energy usage (find a friendly salesperson).

    Note that TV's generally draw a lot more power on the sales floor in "demo mode" (very bright display) vs how you would set it up at home.

    The TV we have comes with a 1.5 hour "DVR Mode" (digital video recorder). You can pause the TV for 10 minutes and come back to watch the show and have pause, fast forward, and rewind.... It is nice to have (like everything these days, the software is "OK"--And they do update the TV over the internet every so often to fix bugs--and add bugs too).

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    Hi T,

    Here,   a six month-old Samsung UHD 43-ish inch Smartipants TV consumes about 65 watts on default brightness settings.   This is about 25% of the consumption of a smaller screen CCFL backlit Vizio TV.

    To me,   this is essentially no power draw at all.

    FWIW,   Vic

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    Neighbor has a Samsung UHD 40” that draws 50 to 55 watts. He’s got a 24 volt system with 220 AH battery @ 24 volts. He runs it with no issues. 
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    I just bought a samsung 50 “ Black Friday  special . 
    I plug a thumb drive full of movies in the back , I dident check the watts yet but my 65” Samsung at home uses 50 watts this should be better . 
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    non-internet ready (not Smart) 780P will be the lowest power option.  Visio has a 40" that is 6 watts. Over all, Samsung seems to be the low power leader in TVs, refrigerators, and other appliances.  You should be able to find a 42" that is less than 20 watts.  I had purchased the Visio, but it did not survive the trip to the cabin (any pressure on the screen will damage the TV). 

    It is getting tough to find a TV now that is not smart.  I ended up with a 32" smart Samsung that was ~9 watts.  I thought I would turn off the TV WiFi to save power but this introduced a glitch that somehow caused DVD playback resets. I actually have a router that is not connected to the internet, I use it to monitor my Classic 150 with my phone, connecting the TV to the router eliminated the glitches. 

    If you don't have internet and cannot find a TV that is not Smart then find a smart sales person to help you work to find your best option.

    Best Buy lists the TV energy rating (annual power cost) for any TV on line, which is based upon 5 hours daily operation at $0.12 per KW-Hr energy cost

    Energy Rating = Watts * 5hrs/day * 365 days/year * .12 $/KW-Hr / 1000 Watts per KW


    Watts = EnergyRating * 1000 /(5*365*EnergyCost)

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    I have a couple "smart TVs"... For one of them (Vizio), I found the Roku box had a better/easier interface than the "smart Vizio" TV.

    One frustrating thing with the Vizio TV, it turns out that the silk screening on the remote control rubs off very easily over (roughly) months/year of use/sitting on the bed. My entire remote control with >50 buttons is now completely blank (most of the buttons are for "smart function"--Another reason I still use the Roku).

    I have other remotes that are right next to the Vizio remote (Roku, Toshiba, Yamaha, etc.). Those remotes still have very readable buttons.

    Look for TVs with multiple video inputs (HDMI, USB, etc.)... There are so many things that can plug in these days, and having 3+ HDMI ports is very handy (Roku, DVR, DVD, computer monitor input, etc.).

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    If you plan to use a tv antenna you better be careful about a Visio tv. Some of them do not have built in tuners with a coax imput.  Otherwise you will need one of those black tuner boxes that the government gave everyone when we changed from analog to version 1  There is another signal  version change to version 4 for broadcasting that will make present tv tuners obsolete and they will have to make new tuner boxes again. Some of the tv stations are supposed to start broadcasting version 4 in 2019. When they do change to version 4 they still have to broadcast version 1 for 6 years and then they can turn off the version 1. I understand that version 4 is supposed to be less prone to pixilation and the signal will travel a farther distance. The version 4 is designed to carry  more information so they can broadcast the uhd signal. I do not know if the tuners on the uhd tv that is on the market already has the version 4 capability. Since all my tv,s that I presently own work just fine for me and I will be 74 soon I figure that by the time they shut down version 1, that I will be too old to care. 

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    I have an older Samsung, 46" that I may consider using, I could replace with a newer Smart TV
    for at home, probably best to check its draw first though, as I don't always trust what is advertised
    as power consumption, that's why I asked for info. here, that way I'll get real world info.


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    Bought my wife a 24" LED for her soap opera viewing in bed, 22 watts, figured I would kill two birds with one stone, save power and get her to watch less TV B)
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    Whatever TV we have in the rig, it'll be one that can use 12vdc. I believe anything I can do to reduce the inverter loads is probably the efficient way to go.
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     It’s hard to find a 12dc tv with a good picture, but they where all not clear at all . 
      I use Samsung tv my 20’” is watchable from 5’ but have a 50” in the house now that burns 35/40 watts not to bad really .
       I just let my inverter run 24/7 but you could use a smal samalex inverter just for the tv. 
     My 12v TVs seamed to draw more power then the new led tv of to day . 
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