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     It looks like Outback (owned by Alpha) has been sold to Enersys, who has been supplying the Outback-branded batteries for years. 
    That could be a good thing. Vertical integration and synergy. This could mean an even more integrated product with single support for battery and inverter. it would be nice to see a package that could compete with the Powerwall in that market. That seems to be a fast growing segment with LG Chem, Sonnen and others expanding. I am sure the off grid market would benefit as well.
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    This is an update to my Skybox order. I received confirmation that it will ship from Outback the week after Thanksgiving. I ordered it through NAWS.  I committed to installing it quickly since I already have the batteries. It will not connected to the grid and will power a critical loads sub panel for load shifting. Initially I will have about 9 kWhrs usable of Nissan Leaf batteries managed by an Orion BMS. I am hoping to get the CAN bus communication going to control charging and discharging.
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    Some of my solar business buds have commented on the Skybox being pretty poor with surging in an offgrid mode. One said it really is not an offgrid inverter. Better make sure you do not have large motors to start if you go this route for now. I will be back if I hear different.
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    Some of my solar business buds have commented on the Skybox being pretty poor with surging in an offgrid mode. One said it really is not an offgrid inverter. Better make sure you do not have large motors to start if you go this route for now........
    Thanks for the input. 
    I am only using it for my critical loads panel. I am also on the grid so I think I can adjust the amount of grid support for heavy loads. The only motor loads on that panel are the fan on the HVAC, the fridge, wine cooler and the compressor on my heat pump water heater. Neither of those start up loads exceed 1,000 Watts as far as my initial observations have shown. I knew it didn't have the surge capacity of my old Radian. For that reason I don't have the AC compressor hooked up to that panel. The heat stage of my HVAC runs on natural gas. My significant other is more sensitive to cold weather than hot weather so I figured I would make sure I had WAF points for this investment. 

    BTW, the Skybox arrived two days ago and I have almost all the wiring done in the BOS. My Nissan Leaf modules are balancing in parallel right now. If I can get a friend to help me lift the Inverter on to the rack above the BOS tomorrow I might be able to commission it in the next couple of days.
    It turns out I will only have about 10kWh of usable capacity in my remaining Leaf modules but that should be enough to get me through the peak rate time after my solar shuts off. That is my initial goal while grid tied with my other system.
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    I got the Skybox commissioned and I am manually putting it through its paces. I cannot not control the internal charger to run only during my super off peak rate from 11pm to 7am so I have reverted to using a charger from another project. I have set up a simple intermatic water heater timer to run the independent charger from 11pm to 7am. 
    The time of use schedule for dropping the grid is not accessible to me until I get my passwords straightened out so I am manually dropping the grid from 2pm until 9pm which is my highest rate peak period. I still have to hook up my BMS and connect it to control the charger. In the meantime I routinely am checking cell voltages. I also purchased a contactor in order to disconnect the pack from the inverter in the event of an under or over voltage situation. The Skybox does seamlessly drop the grid without knocking off my computers or the clock on the microwave. 
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    You're the guinea pig from whom all will learn  :# nice to hear you have a work around with the timer in the mean time, I'm sure it will all come together in the end, perseverance will usually end with positive results. Keep up the good work.
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