panel placement on roof

Is it better to place the panels towards the ridge or near the bottom of the roof?


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    Higher elevation is cleaner - less road dust .  You don't want them to be a sail and catch wind off the back of the roof.
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    Depending on where you live, you may end up with limitations based on the new NEC (national electric code) that has setbacks/walkways for firefighters to access the roof and panels (i.e., cut holes in roof to ventilate smoke and heat).

    I think you are in Florida--So you don't have problems with snow (both clearing snow and shedding snow).

    You are going to have standards to bolt down the roof/rafters/arrays to meet the hurricane codes which may have some limitations/retrofit issues too.

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    Except for potential offsets from eves and roof lines,  I think more toward the top is better (for several reasons) and possibly safer.  If you slip toward the top,  more opportunity to get stopped before you go off the edge.    I was painting an upper wall over one section of roof  while standing on the crack head roofers roof jacks once.  He had a compressor,  shingles, himself and me on it.  "sure it's fine ..." until it gave way and we all starting sliding.  Compressor and shingles never stopped.  Thankfully we were up hi enough that we did.  Customer was none the wiser :hushed:
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    Thanks, I was thinking about stress on rafters. Never thought about dust or saving a fall. 
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    Well here's another take: I placed my panels as high up towards the peak as possible, with 7 ancient Arcos in one row and 4 Astropowers below the Arcos. The result was that there was nearly 8 feet of glass that shed rainwater like a waterfall. Consequently, the last 4 feet of shingles had to resist this cascade of liquid and prematurely started to leak.
    So when I replaced the shingles this summer, the panels went onto the ground.
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    blue said:
    Is it better to place the panels towards the ridge or near the bottom of the roof?
    When you do wind loading calculations, the wind force lifting panels is greater at the four edges of the roof.  All other factors will most likely be the same, tilt, azimuth, shading, snow load.
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