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This is on a boat. One 50W panel (soon to be two), two 85amp AGM batteries, 10GA wiring with a run of about 20-feet between panel and battery. Choice one: Mount Midnight Brat next to the batteries in a hot engine compartment with limited access, or, Choice two: in the locker at the back of the boat that is close to the panel, and ventilated to the outside. Does it matter?


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    Cooler would be better IMHO.  

    A potential issue is voltage drop in the brat->battery wire though, which could make the brat undercharge (thinking battery voltage is higher than it really is).  With 10ga wire, at 15' and ~5a, I'd expect maybe 0.2v drop.  Depending on charging voltage needed by your AGMs, and actual drop, you might be able to set a charge profile to adjust if need be?
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    The batteries themselves would benefit in a cooler location, every 10°C increase in temperature over 25°C is equivalent to a double cycle, therefore effectively cutting the life in half if maintained at that temperature.
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    Thanks guys. I was looking for a definitive answer, but I guess not :-)

    The Midnight Brat has been happy in the engine compartment for the past year so I guess I'll leave it there. (Not sure about adjusting settings to allow for voltage drop) I have another 50W panel to install and thought this would be a good time to change things around, if necessary. The leads from the two panels will come together in a junction box in the rear (ventilated), locker and I thought moving the Brat to that location might be beneficial, if for no other reason, to be able to see the pretty LEDs. Moving the batteries is not an option. No room back there I'm afraid and I need to keep the weight more central in the boat.

    Again, thanks for the info...


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