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hi all,i am in Australia but I assume solar is much the same everywhere(except ac output)I have just bought 2 Victron controllers as our Taiwanese inverter/controller threw in the towel.i set these new controllers at 2.25v per cell to suit our 2volt tubular gel batteries(24 of for our 48v system)the controllers reached float voltage several times but kept restarting boost/absorption and in doing so held batteries at about 2.35 for most of the day.this is the first time this has happened after experience with several controllers over 10 years or supplier tried to convince me it was all good but I am sure the batteries will cook with this treatment.anyone have expert knowledge in this area?it would be much appreciated.


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    The voltages are pretty conservative for bulk/absorb, float is normal, the question is, are there loads which may prompt a rebulk if float voltage is reduced to a certain amount, not familiar with the particular controller, but it is a feature on some controllers.
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