cistern algae

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some people say that if you pump to a storage container like a plastic 300 ga tank that you will have algae problems every so often.
I would like to get the truth about this. Many people I knew had wells made up of 3 cement well rings in the ground with a lid on top,
and ran gravity feed to their house.
I dont remember any of them ever cleaning those well rings.
If you have your storage tank under the ground and no light ever gets to it will you have algae issues?


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    I have dark green 3,000 tank above ground and no algae issues, full of raw pond water
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    I have a metal tank for gravity system, above ground but covered, and no algae issues. It may have other quality issues, but not algae. I just use it unfiltered for toilets and hosebibs, so haven't bothered to investigate what, if any, other issues there might be.

    AFAIK, algae needs light to grow. Other nasty stuff gets killed by light.
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